Tuesday, August 22, 2017


While diversity has become a hot button topic in politics and media.  Choosing the proper progressive terms has made quite a myriad of labels to be handled with kid gloves in our society . . . The PC term for "handle with kid gloves" is "celebrate," which of course has resulted in disagreement and negative labels, a.k.a. name calling.  I am, however; celebrating a different type of diversity.

Any given day around here, simple diversity abounds.  There is no need for PC labels, as this is life.  Whether indoors or out, I am continually aware of the beautiful life that our Heavenly Father has blessed me to live.  On this homestead are goats and gardens.  Several months of the year there are veggies to be harvested and eggs to be gathered from free range chickens.  The hot days of summer are divided between the swimming pool and canning, with the usual housework, of course.  The blessing of working from home in my own natural health business, not only blesses me, but those who come for knowledge and products.  Then there is the enjoyment of writing.  My latest book published last month.  I pray it's a blessing to all who read it.  With the addition of a milk cow, cream, butter, and a great deal of my cheese is now supplied here, as well.  In all this, it seems there is always a blog topic!  I truly am blessed with the real meaning of diversity.

Diversity is not just a political term to argue about; in my life, it's a way of living!  Don't even get me started on ducks and dogs and donkeys!  Well, I will digress, momentarily, in that I am blessed with a duck who is friends with both the donkey and dogs.

This homestead truly is blessed and is a blessing.  I tell Father that every morning through chores and countless times through the day, from the kitchen to the office, to the deck, to the pasture, to the pool!  That's not to mention the lab, the inventory room, the milk barn and the milking parlor.  I truly am blessed to enjoy a very full life of diversity and I'm enjoying it!  As the ministry of sharing this place with others to experience, expands, the blessings increase!

Having been in ministry for 10 years before being called to this, I hadn't realized just how important agriculture was in Scripture.  It was one of those "face palm" moments, as I realized the background of nearly every Bible story has fields and animals, grain, wine, oil, someone who heard Our Heavenly Father and wrote it down.  When I became a Covenant believer, I told Father I wanted to "live the Bible."  He's answered that prayer!  HalleluYah!

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