Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stepping Out

I see post after post about folks stepping out in faith and the trepidation that comes with that move.  For some it's easy, it's often only a temporary visit and the expenses are covered.  For others, it's a life changing opportunity that will dramatically alter their lifestyle.  Since I've made a couple of those, I'd like to offer this for those who are weighing the possibility and the potential for a major move.

I was shown a pillar of fire late one evening, but told to wait until I saw the vision.  I did know the direction, however; and that was all.  Early one morning, I was shown what the destination looked like, but was absolutely clueless as to the town/address.   I still knew the direction to set out.  It truly was that simple.  Upon seeing the vision, in the early morning, I packed a bag.  When the business day began, I called a realtor, signed the papers, and I was heading south by south east, as he was placing a for sale sign in the yard.  Actually . . . more than one for sale sign in more than one yard . . .

It would be two days before I arrived at the place I'd been shown in the vision, then it would be another day of a harrowing situation in which I just wanted to jump out of the car and do my own real estate deal, but I digress . . . Ultimately, the proper deal was offered and accepted.  A few strange occurrences took place, as I was readying for the closing, but all was extraordinarily resolved.   When I was heading to the closing at the end of the month, I noticed a pillar of cloud to the west of my new destination.  I tucked that fact away, but over the next three and a half years would "ponder it, from time to time."

The first year on the homestead was exciting!  I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing, but I knew my leap of faith was the right thing to have done . . . Then the second year on the homestead caused me to question everything . . . I don't have words for the devastation I felt.  To be honest, I'm no longer the same person I was.  What I went through was not as grievous as burying a child, but on the other hand, the ongoing reality left a strange void with an obligation that would have to be continuously worked around without resolution.  Moving along to the better part of this "stepping out" story!

The third year of homesteading was hard, because I had to set aside all of my expectations and let the hopes I'd had; die, which was scary and scarring.  Upon surrendering my hope in the natural, Father opened a door that was completely unexpected and a total blessing that continues to this day.  About three and a half years into the homesteading project, I was called to host a radio show.  It was such an opportunity!  In the hour show, I covered everything from gardening to politics as well as a segment discussing Scriptural truth.  Shortly after the show began, however; I once again heard Father tell me it's time to move . . . That's right, He said specifically, more land with a well.

Having already enjoyed the blessing of a well on the place, I had learned the value of something our society has let slip away.  A clean water source is invaluable!  So, the search was on, and for a time, I was looking in the wrong direction, as the radio station was east of me, but the radio show was just a stepping stone to the bigger plan . . . Father brought to my remembrance the pillar of cloud to the west.  January, the radio show began, February, found the new place, and March, the deed was in my hand!  I realized in the midst of all the busy-ness and new experiences, I'd been blessed to have enjoyed a long forgotten desire of my heart.  As a young woman, I'd wanted to spend a winter writing a book.  I began writing the first week of December after processing Daddy's deer, and it went to the publisher's desk the week after my birthday in March!  "Simply Abundant" was published in April.

It's now the ninth year on this new place.  It is five times the size of the starter homestead, a few more books have been written, a milk cow and raising my own beef have been added.  I started a soap and natural health product business, and this past year a teaching facility has been added for conferences and workshops.  The schedule is somewhat established, but still working on details.

Stepping out can be frightening, from our perspective, as it is definitely into the unknown.  Father, however; has a much better view, and He knows where He's leading His children.  As I learned in laying down my original homesteading hope, I have received abundantly more than I could have asked or imagined!

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