Thursday, December 31, 2015

Expansion Underway

Berea Tabernacle remains the best building on the place and was put in place the first year of settling the Land of Goshen.  As a matter of fact, I was listening for the first several months as to whether this place would be called Berea or Goshen . . .  If I recall the dates correctly, the fence and trees were added within a month of the purchase.  The house was then ready for occupancy right before the High Holy Days, August to be exact.  The Tabernacle was added after the High Holy Days and the first service was late autumn back in 2009.

The Winnebago remains in the wings for temporary housing for newcomers, and two additions were added to the house back in 2012, but we suffered a bit of a time delay in moving forward at that time. Recently, another building has been purchased and is now in place west of the lane.  I'm thinking it maybe for business . . . not sure yet, but it was a good deal, so I acted upon it.  Now I'm looking at two more options in the direction of "full speed ahead."

I'm looking at providing accommodations for those who want to learn, or even come on board, but, life in the Land of Goshen is not free.  This place was not given to me, freely, and while it is heading off grid and primarily self-sustaining, the existence is not free of charge.  I realize the day is coming when we cannot buy or sell, but until then money will be exchanged, including rent and electricity, even some classes.  As I've searched and prayed about this, I've noticed other TO believers do not give away their knowledge, products, and merchandise.

As I prepare this place, I realize there will be those who arrive unprepared, with only the shirt on their back.  If they didn't know, that's one thing, but if they referred to themselves as a watchman on the wall, voice in the wilderness, or any of the five fold office titles, there will be NO free lunch.  We are called to prepare and that doesn't mean make a connection to "help" someone who is preparing.  What I'm doing right now, I'm doing without help.  Anyone coming here, although "willing" to help, will in fact be helping themselves.

If those of us who see what's coming are going to "community up," we need to get with it and start pooling resources soon.  I have land . . . someone else has a shelter or money for one, and someone else has . . . it's time to get creative and work together.  While Bernie Sanders is pushing socialism, the remnant needs to realize we can share as they did in the book of Acts.  As an aside, Bernie Sanders does have it in his power to fulfill at least part of the campaign promise of Hoover back in the Great Depression.  I would think if anyone could do it, Bernie Sanders, son of Colonel Sanders could, with a social agenda; make sure there is a chicken in every pot!  LOL