Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Bird's Eye View

In making a few changes around the homestead, I found myself in the Title and Deed office.  It was there that I was give a copy of an aerial photo of this place and some of the surrounding land in all four directions.  Nestled in acres of timber and empty range lies the bustling presence of this homestead called Goshen.

I felt like an enthused little girl as I identified everything on the place from the tiny image.  I truly wish I'd taken photos of this place when I first saw it.  I remember the look on my grandchildren's face when I first brought them to come go "backward" fishing . . . Backward fishing for those who do not know, is when you buy the young fish at the farm store from the fish farm truck, and turn them loose in your own pond.  There are now some pretty good sized fish in the pond.  Fishing really isn't my sport of choice, but I can bait a hook, cast like you wouldn't believe, and definitely clean and cook 'em.  It's the actual "catching" that's difficult for me.  I just don't have the right wrist action and reel and spin technique.  Yet I digress . . .

In thinking back, I remember my daughter getting on her cell phone to see if it was simply too remote for a signal.  Overhearing her description was both exciting and a bit ominous.  When I first saw the place, I knew this was where I belonged.  After making the purchase, before the improvements had begun, what I saw as a tremendous opportunity, she saw it as complete wilderness!  Perhaps, there is more truth to both of our perspectives than I had considered.  Maybe I do belong in the wilderness . . . and the aerial view just seemed to confirm that for me yesterday.

As many of us homesteaders have discovered, we can be quite a ways off the beaten path, yet still be quite connected via the internet.  My kids think I've dropped out, but the reality is, I'm now more involved than ever.  There is more going on, on this ten acres in the wilderness than I've ever experienced in my life, and there is more coming!  HalleluYah!