Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Roof, My Rules

Remember, as kids, when we heard this"as long as you're lining under my roof . . .?"  I've since heard "My world, My rules" from our Heavenly Father, and . . . the direct instructions that I am to not only live by His rules, but to uphold those rules here in the Land of Goshen.  As the gathering begins, I am to make certain things clear and non-negotiable, while other matters can be brought to the table for discussion.  First and foremost, it's occurred to me, if I just allow everyone to walk in doing things their own way, I'm not walking in the integrity I've been called to and that brings dishonor to my Heavenly Father.

I've already been admonished by family for being unbending, and I've become quite comfortable with that accusation, be it accurate or not . . .  I worked hard and have counted the costs regarding this place, I don't have to make concessions on the vision.  I'm not that lonely!  Besides the list of absolutes is pretty short.

First, no hard liquor in the designated set apart sanctuary of meeting.  That means the Tabernacle and the clearing out back in the timber.  I do allow wine in the clearing and if someone is paying their share on the place and living in their own TT or 5W, I really don't care what they have, but none in the Tabernacle.  Second, no "shack up" arrangements.  I no longer believe in state sanctioned licenses, but there needs to be some sort of formal Covenant or Ketubah.  I won't send anyone away who already had a state license, as that would be incredibly hypocritical, as . . . I'm stuck with one, myself.

Third, and this is important.  I've asked several folks to not enter my address in their GPS.  For the most part, that request has gone unheeded.  So, here it is plain and simple.  As far as I'm concerned, GPS is a part of "Big Brother."  If you can't get from Point A to Point B without Big Brother, this is not the place for you.  Since, for the time being, this place has been entrusted to my care, if my request has gone unheeded regarding GPS, again, when it all hits the fan, this is not the place for you.  While I'm on the subject of "not the place" for certain folk, if you believe Ammon Bundy is a terrorist and the Hammonds should be in prison, definitely do not waste your time, coming here.

Now, on a more positive note.  YaH willing, there will be a five fold ministry for healing, deliverance and teaching those who are seeking!  Essential oils are flowing, so there will be no need for doctors or prescriptions.  There will be no cable media invading our peace, there will be health and shalom in this place.  There will be wonderful "Ground Therapy" in the garden.  The honey is a couple of miles away, but the milk will be flowing freely . . . again YaH willing and those of us here stand solely on His Word without compromise.  Although there will be responsibilities, we are ordained to be free.

More good news, every week, we all will have a full day of rest.  No fence building, no hoeing, no tilling, no projects, just a day of rest.  With the exception of an occasional emergency, working on Shabbat is "against our religion!"  As far as I can tell, the cost of living here wouldn't really require anyone to have a full time town job, so there would be plenty of time to hone those G-d given talents into skills.  I am not looking to be a boss.  As far as community goes, I don't want anyone to sign over their personal property or bring all their money into a mutual fund, as it should remain in the possession of the one who earned it.  Of course, there will be bills like electricity and parking . . . Since I do not intend to take ownership of anyone's personal assets, I therefore; do not intend to compromise on the vision for this land in which I was brought to and purchased.

In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:6